About Us

It's that time of year! What to do? Where to go? How do you plan your child's birthday party? Here at All About Fun, we are not just a children's play place, we host spectacular birthday parties too!

The All About Fun staff will help make your event a memorable, fun, and interactive experience for you and your child/guests. The staff will help customize your child's party to be more enjoyable based on your personal ideas and your child's interests! It is our goal for parents to have just as much fun as the children!

We do all of the work! You have all of the fun!

We provide reality based tools to jump-start children's imagination while also building social skills while interacting with other children. Since we are not a drop off facility, we provide parents a comfortable waiting area. Parents can relax, do work while enjoying complimentary coffee and teas while utilizing our free WIFI all within easy view of the children playing!

We welcome you to visit us for daily open play, fun filled special events, and celebrating the best private personalized parties around!